Smart Products

The SMART Product line from Inovision is designed to be just that - SMART. We have analyzed the needs of our customers and have developed solutions that are easier to use, more durable, or faster than our competitor products.



One of the highest densities of manual labor in the automotive plant is the paint inspection line.  The SMART_Inspect QVS (Quality Verification System) uses the latest image processing techniques to do the inline inspection at the highest production rates.  


SMART_TRACK Industrial internet of things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are terms used to describe the latest trends in manufacturing technology, but are areas that we worked in since we started.  We are adding smart devices, RFID, blue tooth readers, barcode, QR scanners, and Wi-Fi adapters to existing equipment, collecting data, analyzing it, and reporting into existing plant information systems.  There are many ways to add "intelligence" to many of your existing systems, without spending a lot of money. 



Sanding and polishing is an ergonomically challenging manual operation that many times, requires a special touch.  Our robotic system was the first to use electro servo motor, force compliance tools, built-in vacuum systems, and non-destructive automatic paper/media changers to provide a repeatable high quality finishing solution. 

Wall Mount Motors.jpg


Precision fluid delivery controls for adding to new or existing robotic automated systems.  Offering both wall mount and robot arm-mounted solutions.  Self calibrating system, highly durable for CARC defense coatings, with precision tolerance of +/- 1% target values.  



Air showers and feather dusters - making sure your cars are ACTUALLY clean.
Updated controls and new patented motion.

Powerpaint Screen.jpg


HMI and GUIs that are intuitive and easy to use.  Retrofit your old Windows 95 systems that are obsolete and no longer supported.