You might need a robot programmer for the weekend, a controls engineer to support onsite commissioning, or even a project manager to make sure your projects are executed on-time and under budget, we have you covered.


Robot Process Programming

We offer both offline and online process engineering services:

  • Offline -> conducting 3D simulations to do robot reach studies, cycle time estimates, and process analyses to determine the number of robots you really need
  • Online -> on-site robot programming to update paths for new model styles, creating new paths for new robot systems, or even optimizing your current paths to save overall cycle time  

PLC Controls software programming

Controls engineers are harder and harder to come by these days.  We have a large team of experienced controls engineers that have a deep knowledge base of controls architectures for turn-key robot systems.  

Upgrade your obsolete systems to newer platforms seamlessly and easily. Our experts have already upgraded many plants to the new standards.

Click below to learn more about how we can help develop new systems or migrate old systems for you.

Advanced Software Development

Inovision has a team of advanced software development engineers that are versed in object oriented analysis, design, and implementation using state of the art technologies, such as eigenvalue based image recognition and neural network based cognitive learning tools, while using advanced 6000 core GPU processors.  We take robot-guided vision and vision inspection systems to a new level.

We develop solutions ranging from custom microchips for embedded control system, to special algorithms for image processing used in medical devices.

Robot Refurbishment.jpg

Robot refurbishment

We are experienced robot refurbishment and rebuild management services to carefully remove robots from your existing zones, and having them professionally inspected, repaired, cleaned, and ready to be repurposed and redeployed to your manufacturing floor. 


Offline Modular System Build & System Run-off

We provide system build services for many robot OEM and other system integrators.  You can utilize our production floor space and experienced production floor personnel to independently build the system, controls engineering to install software and debug software, and robot programmers to create initial programs.  We offer competitive system build rates and floor space rentals.  Contact us below for more information.

Powerpaint Screen.jpg

Upgrade your hmi with powerpaint

HMI and GUIs that are intuitive and easy to use.  Retrofit your old Windows 95 systems that are obsolete and no longer supported.