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The automotive post-paint inspection deck can be one of the highest densities of manual inspectors left in the automotive assembly plant.  Inspecting for defects like dirt, scratches, solvent pops and analyzing orange peel can be a challenging manual task - especially since each inspector sees differently.  The Inovision SMART_INSPECT system is a dynamic, moving-line automatic paint defect inspection system that is one of the smallest footprints in the market, a system you can install almost anywhere on your existing line.  Using our software department's latest AI algorithms and patented image processing technology, we can meet throughput rates 80JPH and higher.




dynamic moving line installation

Most automated inspection systems require the vehicle to stop and then be scanned.  The SMART_INSPECT system scans, identifies, and classifies defects as the vehicle moves through the scanning ring, at the plant line speed.



off the shelf hardware

We designed the most advanced defect detection system to use readily available, off-the-shelf hardware, reducing overall costs and lead times on spare parts.  It also means your maintenance techs don't need specialized training on hardware used on our system.


Fully adjustable brackets

Each camera light pair is mounted on a fully adjustable bracket that is designed to lock securely to ensure cameras maintain their position through the model life cycle.  When the next model change comes, cameras are easily adjusted or added without major costly upgrades.  Once we set it, you can forget it. 


edge to edge coverage

Most automated inspection systems require holes and gaps in the vehicle to be masked.  Our software automatically masks these features, right to the edge of the surface.  This means we provided the largest amount of surface coverage in the market today.

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scan every vehicle

Utilizing 6000 CORE Processors allow us to scan, analyze, and display data in real-time so we can meet your production rates.  



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